The best animated character glo-ups, from Disney movies and more

Princess Odette went through puberty and we’re here for it.

By Jessica Chandra

There’s not a lot that we have in common with animated characters. We’re not mermaids (boo). We don’t have a magic carpet that can fly us around the world (double boo). And we’re also not animals, but that’s debatable.

Y’see, the beautiful thing about animated movies is they tell stories that are difficult, or look tacky, when you use real actors and set them in the real world. We’re totally not against seeing our favourite Disney animations become live-action movies, but that’s only because technology has come a long way in 2017 and beyond. Back in the early '90s, and obviously much earlier than that, hand-drawn cells were able to take us away to completely different worlds. That’s what good animation does.

But we digress, because there is one thing we have in common with cartoons: growing up. Not every cartoon character is shown as a young kid and then an adult, but there are a few who are. And let’s just say we’re appreciative that even fictional, animated people (and animals) went through an awkward puberty phase — even though most of them just looked like mini and bigger versions of the same person.