The Disney movie that was big the year you were born

A look back at five decades of classics. (Plus, a few stinkers.)

By Gregory E. Miller

Everybody has one: the [Disney] movie that makes your heart skip a beat at the mere mention of its name, the one that transports you back to the cinema where you first saw it. You can almost taste every granule of sugar on the popcorn you shoved in your mouth as [Ariel] flipped her fins, [Simba] worked on his roar, or [Elsa] decided to let it go. For every microgeneration, that movie is different — but every title has one thing in common: that bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo you'll never forget.

Here, a look back at the most beloved Disney flick from each of the past 50 years.

Via: [Cosmopolitan US]