PSA: This pic has fans CONVINCED Jughead dies in 'Riverdale' season 2


By Natasha Harding
Jughead die Riverdale

We're gonna get straight to the point. There's a picture circulating online right now that has fans convinced Jughead Jones dies in Riverdale season 2 and we are FREAKING OUT.

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The pic in question is reportedly leaked from one of the upcoming episodes and, in a few days, has been shared over 22,000 times, with 26,000 fans commenting in utter distress.

Thh image shows a memorial set up with candles, flowers and a framed photo of your dreamboi, Jughead.

Look, we're not gonna pretend it all looks okay because honestly, it's got us shook AF RN.

Now, before we jump to any rash conclusions, possible explanations include:

  • An internet troll has gone and Photoshopped the whole thing because they want to watch the world burn.

  • This is all part of another ~dream sequence~ (just like that Varchie wedding faux spoiler) and doesn't actually happen.

  • Someone Jughead is really close to actually does die (like FP JONES) and Jughead's in the photograph next to the person who dies.

The last option, that we're praying it's any one of the above, is that Jughead actually dies and we're not coping right now.

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I mean, without Jughead WHO would stick up for the Southside? Love Betty more than life itself? Eat Pop's burgers? Or narrate the goddamn show?!

They legit CANNOT kill of Jug. We object.