You can now, literally, take your dog out for dinner in Sydney

Bone appétit!

dogustation dining dog dinner

Fine dining is a treat that you share with your nearest and dearest, splashing out on a bottle or two of wine and enjoying the atmosphere of the fancy pants restaurant you’re sitting in. But, for doggo owners, your nearest and dearest 100 per cent includes your pupper, so you feel like your best mate gets left behind when you are out for these dinners.


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Some genius peeps at Storehouse on the Park (in Rushcutter’s Bay) have taken doggy dining to the next level by designing a ‘dogustation’ menu for your pupper to dine with you!

On the menu for your furry friend, are: Puppycinos, Pawtein Balls, Watermelon Chews and Sesame Pup Wafers.

These snacks have been developed by a professional Animal Nutritionist, so they're super safe, organic and healthy for your pupper. FINE DINING OR WOT?!

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So now you can escape those puppy dog eyes and bask in the sun with your bestie while chowing down on some pretty ace snacks.

Needless to say, we’ll be booking a table.

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