You have to see these dogs before and after their haircuts

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

By Caroline Picard
Dog Transformations

The Internet is full of human makeovers — they've even got their own dedicated day on Instagram — but animal transformations are few and far between.

Thankfully, your day is about to get a little brighter courtesy of pet photographer Grace Chon. She documented eight pooches before and after a trip to the groomers. And these aren't your average haircuts either. The dogs' styles take after Japanese customs versus the breed standards you're used to seeing. The patient canines underwent hours of careful hand scissoring to highlight their most adorable features. And the results? They're "cute on steroids," Chon wrote on Bored Panda, and it's hard to disagree:

Before: Yuki

We've got one question. Where is the dog?

After: Yuki

That updo (and the mini braids!) reveal the cutest face.

Before: Athena

If this pooch looks kind of grouchy, it's because she was 17 years old at the time of the shoot. That's 119 (!) in human years.

After: Athena

Those shears definitely take the years off. And did she get highlights?!

Before: Teddy

Someone clearly hasn't trimmed those bangs in a while.

After: Teddy

But spiking them up into a mohawk looks just fine.

Before: Herman

It's a wonder this fluff ball wasn't walking into walls with his overgrown 'do. Or maybe he was; we have no way of knowing.

After: Herman

With a name like Herman, the mustache had to be a given. It's just too. Darn. Cute.

Before: Raider

This guy's definitely a little skeptical but that shag has got to go.

After: Raider

The salt-and-pepper look is spot on. How can you not love that beard?

Before: Rocco

This dog looks like a combover gone wrong.

After: Rocco

Asymmetrical haircuts are so hot right now.

Before: Biggie Smalls

The frizz is strong with this one.

After: Biggie Smalls

What a munchkin! He's definitely more small than big now.

Before: Lana

Lana looks more "troll" than "dog" but there's definitely a cutie hiding under all of that hair.

After: Lana

Someone get this dog an agent because she's going to be a star.

Via: Cosmopolitan US