Drake on a Cake: the best thing that’s ever happened to baking

Because why didn’t we think of this?!

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Drake on a Cake

Here’s a question: what are the few things that can make any bad day (or good day for that matter) that much better? Well if you’re anything like us you would have answered dessert. Cake even. Cake makes everything better. And what else? That sweet, sweet caramel sound of our favourite rapper/musician Drake’s voice, that’s what. So you can imagine our sheer delight when we found out that our favourite baker, Joy the Baker, decided to mash these two things together and bring you the best thing that’s ever happened to baking since sliced bread. Literally.

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Drake on a Cake is taking Instagram (and our stomachs) by storm and it’s not hard to see why. She takes a cake, she makes it pretty AF and she tops it all off with one of your favourite Drake lyrics, thus creating the holy grail of cakes. And what we didn’t realise before Drake on a Cake came into existence was just how perfect so many of his lyrics are for so many occasions! Behold: The perfect naughty Valentine’s Day message:

To cheer up your bestie after a tough break up:

This is also a perfect way to line your stomachs before you take her out on the town, FYI. To tell someone JUST how much you love them:

The perfect house-warming gift:

To fare someone well:

When someone gets their first grown-up job just out of uni (or any new job for that matter):

When you want to gently remind your boyf that he forgot your birthday but it's OK you still love him:

For life:

And for basic reality checks:

Guys, just so you know, I never want any other kind of cake in the whole world ever and neither do my unborn children. Write that down. RELATED: 13 times Drake was Prince Charming IRL RELATED: Rihanna reveals what the go is with her and Drake as she DAZZLES in Vogue RELATED VIDEO: Drake and Rihanna perform in LA and things get very steamy