Drink wine to live longer

There’s just one catch – you still have to exercise. Damn.

Czech scientists have discovered a fact that will both delight and terrify you – you reduce your risk of heart disease (and therefore increase your potential life span) if you down a few glasses of wine each week. Red or white, it doesn’t make a difference! The other stipulation? You’ve still got to go for that run.

Apparently there’s a synergy between drinking wine and regular exercise that helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Excellent!

The study was conducted at Olomouc University Hospital over the course of a year, and tracked 146 people with a mild to moderate risk of heart disease. Half were told to drink red wine, and half were told to drink white wine, in moderate quantities, for the year.

The cholesterol levels of those who didn’t exercise stayed the same, but the people who did work out experienced a drop in cholesterol (plus a rise in the positive HDL cholesterol) overall.

The best part? That spiel about only drinking red wine for heart health is now void – well, if you want to put all your eggs in this one study basket. And we do - sauv blanc for the win!