5 times Dylan Sprouse dressed like Cole Sprouse's 'Riverdale' character Jughead

Twinning x 2.

By Natasha Harding
dylan sprouse riverdale

ICYMI: The internet is currently going nuts over the prospect of Cole Sprouse's twin, Dylan Sprouse, possibly making a guest appearance on Riverdale.

It all started when Dylan posted a picture on Instagram wearing a super slick leather jacket — arguably the most iconic piece of clothing worn by Cole's on-screen character Jughead (after his beanie, of course).


While Cole has previously shot down suggestions his bro would make an appearance on the show, we're still praying that for the twins to have an on screen reunion.

Because what better place to reunite twins than Riverdale? I mean, the town is practically SWARMING with iconic duos: Cheryl and Jason Blossom, Grandpappy Blossom, probs Hal Cooper) and Polly Cooper's cute kiddos.

Sure, Jughead may not be part of the Cooper/Blossom family tree — at least, not yet — but since when does logic have to get in the way of a good plot twist?

Here's Dylan dressing like a Serpent IRL:

Aaaaand here's Cole/Jughead wearing the same leather classic:

But this ain't the first time Dylan's dressed like Jughead. No sir.

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