Insta-babe Ellie Gonsalves' summer body tips are super realistic

We're taking notes!

By Joshua Joynes

Aussie insta-star Ellie Gonsalves means serious business, beyond having 1.6m dedicated Instagram followers. She's been a Guess Girl, and is a current ambassador for L'Oréal and The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors program. Now she's venturing into her first major film role alongside team Cosmo fave, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The film, Fighting With My Family, is due out next year and will see Ellie become a WWE Diva, promising incredible outfits and some seriously amazing wrestling scenes.

Cosmopolitan caught up with Ellie ahead of the film's premiere to discuss everything from success, summer bods and #MeToo.

Did you ever think growing up that you'd be acting in a full-scale Hollywood film? What does it feel like to be achieving such incredible goals?

If you knew my childhood - then yes, ABSOLUTELY! The amount of times I sat my parents (or anyone who would watch me really) down to watch me act, sing and dance is too many to count. I've worked extremely hard to be where I am though, it really wasn't by luck or chance that I ended up here because I hoped and wished really hard, so it feels really good and it makes me really excited for what is to come in the future.

Tell Cosmo what it's been like having someone like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson not only handpick you to star in his upcoming film, but have him acting as a mentor to you?

He's really just the most down to earth and humble guy. That's one of the best things about him. He's extremely hard working and very passionate. He's a massive smart ass, as am I. I think that's why Aussies love him. He has great values and he's incredibly professional too, I feel so much gratitude for that connection there.

There can be a lot of pressure to achieve things by a certain age in life. What advice do you have for readers wanting to achieve their goals, in their own time?

It's important to know what you want, set goals to achieve them and take consistent action. Just keep working and keep grinding, that's extremely important. There's no shortcut to getting success and everyone is different and has their own definitions of success. I have specific time frames I'd like to achieve things by, but if I don't hit that for whatever reason that's OK too.

You've been a voice on the #MeToo movement, and specifically spoken out on industry harassment. How do you see the next generation of young Australian actors and actresses ensuring that this period of Hollywood doesn't repeat itself?

You always want to think everyone is a kind and professional person who wants to see you do well and be successful, but that is not reality a lot of the time. I think the reason why it's so huge in Hollywood is [because] the most influential people in the world are finally talking about it and saying it is absolutely not OK. The only way to create change in this world is to take action. So, I think a lot of what is happening at the moment is creating a lot of positive change for the years to come!

What's some of your best health and fitness advice you have for readers heading into summer?

Try not to turn your body into a trash can over winter. Keep up that routine of taking care of yourself all year round and you will never have to stress about how you look in a bikini or go on a crazy transformation every time summer comes, doing that can be extremely stressful on your body, hormones and your mental state! I know exactly what that feels like because before my own fitness transformation I have been there. There's been a lot of instances in my life recently with loved ones becoming unwell, and unfortunately sometimes you don't fully know or appreciate what you've got until it's gone! So I really just want to always be healthy on the inside out... not just look like I am healthy.

What's in the pipeline? Any exciting announcements or collaborations you can share with Cosmo?

I am really excited for the premiere of my movie Fighting With My Family. I learnt how to become a WWE Diva, so I had an amazing outfit for my wrestling scenes... There's also a really funny dynamic between Paige [the lead] character and myself with the two other Divas... It's a bit of a Cady Heron moment from *Mean Girls LOL.

I'm starting my YouTube channel which will have a ton of beauty tutorials, tips and a bit more of an insight into my life; topics like my own personal struggles and how I have managed to turn those difficult times into a positive lesson. Even things like my journey of accepting my sexuality. There's a lot I feel comfortable talking about now after years of counselling and really just living life for me, so I can't wait to share that with my community.

My own fitness program Body By Ellie will have a big update for all of our girls which I am really excited about, I am very passionate about health and fitness so this business for me is always so fun and I absolutely love helping women. Even some men have joined Body By Ellie which I find really cool too.

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