Your first look at Jonah Hill and Emma Stone's new show and FYI, it's no Superbad 2

Jonah, is that you?!

A lot has happened since Emma Stone and Jonah Hill first appeared on our screens in the 2007 stoner comedy, Superbad; Emma has won an Oscar and gone blonde full-time, while Jonah has transitioned from heavy-set sidekick to sorta Ed Norton-looking serious dramatic actor.

In their latest project together, which will sadly be nothing like a Superbad 2, Emma, 29 and Jonah, 34 are teaming up to star in a new series from True Detective director, Cary Fukunaga.

On Wednesday (April 18) Netflix released the first pictures of Maniac, the new black comedy that follows the lives of two strangers who get caught up in a batshit-cray pharmaceutical trial.

The series is an American adaptation of a Norwegian show of the same name and whilst we haven't seen a full trailer, in the piccys we can see a lot of spacey decor and outfits, as well as plenty of creepy gazing going on.

Another little tidbit we've gathered is that the series will also star Sally Field (LOVE her!) as well as Jennifer Aniston's ex, Justin Theroux and GIRLS star, Jemima Kirke.

So far there is no premiere date for Maniac but it will likely be in late 2018 so watch this space...