The potty-mouthed princesses are back!

This time using F-bombs to make a point about violence against women.

We’ll admit it, when these little princesses first popped up on the interwebs swearing like sailors to explain why feminism is so wonderful in FCKH8's F-Bombs for Feminism video, we were equal parts shocked and stoked.

And now they’re back using the F-word to make a point about violence against women, one in four of which will be abused in her life. This time, they’ve been made up to look like they’ve been assaulted, which makes for particularly hard viewing. But, as the girls say...

"Got a problem with my fake fucked-up face? Isn’t one out of four women beaten the real disgrace?"

Well, yeah.

"What's more offensive? A little girl saying fuck? Or the fucked up and sexist way society barely lifts a finger when men raise their fists," they declare. "We want a future we can dream about! Not one that we'll fucking scream about."

You can watch the full video below and help break the silence on domestic violence by supporting White Ribbon.