PSA: you can now hang out with your mates in virtual reality, thanks to Facebook

You never need to leave the house again.

virtual reality

Remember life before social media, when you had to, like, actually talk to your mates IRL?

As technology has advanced from phone calls to texting to social media, friends everywhere have been embracing the changes to keep constantly connected — anywhere, anytime.

Enter the latest cog in the wheel of friendship connections from afar: Facebook's new creation, Spaces.

This new feature, which was announced during Facebook's F8 developer conference, is a new virtual reality tool that takes hanging out with your mates online to the next level.

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Facebook Spaces lets you embody a 3D digital avatar, see 3D videos and photos and do fun stuff like take selfies on virtual reality selfie sticks.

You’ll also be granted the ability to write or draw anything in the “air”. See the video below for to get a clearer picture of what you can get up to.

If this sounds amazing, there’s also some bad news: Facebook Spaces is currently in beta mode, and you’ll need to get your hands on some pretty exxy equipment to use it. Specifically, you’ll need to use Facebook-owned virtual reality system Occulus Riff, a headset that costs a few hundred dollars.

Don’t sweat if you’re really keen on trying Facebook Spaces — you can also use it through Messenger video calling, but you’ll only have access to limited features such as watching and chatting.

Jury’s still out as whether it'll catch on, but hey — at least it's something different.