These were the most talked-about topics on Facebook in 2017

Number 5 is, err, slightly unexpected.

There’s not much that we don’t take to Facebook to do. Whether it’s tagging our mates in memes, getting our news fix or extensively stalking ex-boyfriends, Facebook offers a wealth of opportunities to both procrastinate and sound off on big topics.

But there were five major topics that we could not get enough of in 2017. This year was a bit of a massive one politically, but there were also a lot of scary disasters and huge celebrity deaths that we took to social media to join the conversation about.

So here they are, the most talked-about topics on Facebook in 2017.

1. International Women’s Day

As well as being a day that all ladies love to tag their best gal friends in memes and declare their love for one another, this year’s International Women’s Day meant much more. Off the back of Trump’s election in the US and a tidal wave of crappy policies that were threatened to be put in place, effecting women’s health care and reproductive rights, it’s fair to say that women were pissed.

And over in Australia, while we may not be dealing with exactly the same political struggles, we have been enraged about tampon tax, the gender pay gap and sexual harassment of women in the workplace — using International Women’s day and the #MeToo movement to get loud about our opinions, and clearly taking to Facebook to speak up. Mia Garlick, a director at Facebook Australia & New Zealand explained:

It’s wonderful to see celebrities and regular folk alike getting ramped up about women’s issues and fighting for women’s rights. GO, LADIES, GO!

2. Melbourne Cup

It’s the race that stops a nation, but boy oh boy, it didn’t stop everyone talking about it! Whether it’s race day preparation posts, selfies from the trackside or galleries on the best dressed from cup day, to say we get a little excited about the races would be a massive understatement.

3. Same-sex Marriage

It’s obviously been a huge topic in Australia this year, with the survey being sent out to every single Aussie and the nation voting on whether same-sex love should be viewed as equal in Australian legislation.

It was a tough time, with equal coverage given to the YES and NO campaigns, members of the LGBTQI+ community were exposed, yet again, to homophobic hate. But the YES camp remained strong and campaigned their socks off for equality.

There were posts on the daily of people ticking their postal vote boxes and sending them off in the mail, while a whole hoard of celebrities took to Facebook and Instagram to share their opinions on why Australia should legalise same-sex marriage.

Luckily these posts were followed by ones of celebration and elation when the results of the postal vote confirmed that Australia does say YES to same-sex marriage.

All that’s left now is for the House of Representatives to vote on the matter (as it has already been passed by the public and the senate), so fingers crossed for a flurry of further posts celebrating Australia doing the right thing and legalising love.

4. Qantas

Australian airline Qantas received a lot of buzz this year, partly for launching their ‘Dreamliner’, but mainly due to their role in the discussion around corporate Australia in the same-sex marriage debate. The company, who is headed by CEO Alan Joyce (an openly gay man), even donated $1 million to the YES campaign and actively urged the parliament to pass the same-sex marriage bill. Good on ya, guys!

5. Chris Cornelll’s Death

Bit of a bleak one here, but this year saw the death of iconic rocker and front-man for Soundgarden, Chris Cornell. People were devastated about this and took to Facebook to commemorate him, his life and his music. RIP.

Now watch this dad's adorable Facebook proposal: