Facebook is finally getting a ‘dislike’ button… sort of

Not quite what we were expecting.

By Mahalia Chang
Facebook dislike button.

Facebook has been around for a while now and its users have pretty much spent the entire time asking it for a ‘dislike’ button. And now, we finally have one!


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According to TechCrunch, Facebook is in the process of trialling a sorta-dislike button. They’re currently trying out the feature on Facebook Messenger, and testing it there before it moves over to become a real thing on actual Facebook.

Basically: the ‘dislike’ button is now a part of the reaction set in Messenger (just like the ones you have on actual Facebook but never use) – you hover over the message and it shows you a range of emotion options to click, like ‘sad’, ‘happy’ and ‘laughing’, etc. Except now, the reaction also offer ‘like’ and ‘dislike’.

At present not everyone can access the function, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t see it on your phone. As it’s still in the trial-period, Facebook is busy working out the kinks so it can be introduced to all Messenger apps – and eventually to Facebook itself.

That being said, you still probably shouldn’t refer to it as a ‘dislike’ button – according to TechCrunch, Facebook is intending it to be more of a ‘no’ button.

As in: Do you want Italian for dinner? Thumbs up = yes, thumbs down = no.

Soon we won’t even have to speak at all.

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