15 feminist presents to buy the GRL PWR gal in your life this Christmas

#8 is giving us life.

Christmas is all about celebration: Celebrating family, friends, food and presents. Duh. But we reckon there should be another thing to celebrate added to our list: FEMINISM.

This year a lot of shit has happened. Trump got elected and the dirty, disgusting pigs of Hollywood have been revealed through a heck of a lot of sexual assault allegations. BUT, because women are awesome, we’ve reacted to this male-crumminess with strength, bravery and solidarity — showing that years after Spice Girls disbanded, girl power is very much still alive and kicking.

So why not celebrate your female-identifying friends this silly season by gifting them a fun, fearless, feminist Christmas present. Here, we wrap up the best of the best, for your best of the best friends. Merry fucking feminist Christmas, gals!