First impressions

How this Cosmo girl made friends with the team in two seconds flat…

By Amelia Bowe
First impressions

Over a month ago, I started at Cosmo as Editorial Coordinator. If you’re familiar with all of the women’s magazine stereotypes (The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly, for one) you can just imagine all of the scenarios I played out in my head before I started.

Maybe I would be running around trying to find 50 different shades of blue nailpolish, only to find out I actually need to organise a preview screening of 50 Shades of Grey – in the office?! Well, myth = busted. The truth is, it feels so surreal working at Cosmo HQ with such an incredible team.

I was extremely intimidated waltzing into their tight-knit workplace, so I was eager to make a good first impression (#fingerscrossed). And while we’re on the topic of first impressions, my secret weapon to breaking the ice is my face reading skills.

My time working as a makeup and brow artist at The Brow Bar under the guidance of a master face reader, Chernae Silk, taught me how to look at someone’s face and analyse their personality. Here are some of our brave, bare-faced Cosmo babes who I’ve sneakily analysed just for curiosity’s sake! I won’t reveal too much about them, but it’s safe to say, there’s plenty more to come.

Julia: The bottom of Julia’s lip is larger than the top, so she’s not afraid to speak up if she doesn’t believe in something! No wonder her blogs just tell it like it is.

Alexis: Alexis has strong eyes which slope upwards. This can be a sign of someone who is proud and makes the most out of life – she’s also very energetic!

Nicole: Nicole may find it difficult to express her emotions because her eyes are slightly deeper set. Upon meeting her, she might hold her personality back until she gets to know you.

Lauren: Lauren’s nose is long and lean and the fleshier point on the end reveals her creative nature.

If you can’t read someone’s face when you meet them, pay attention to their body language – it’s the next best thing! Let me know which celebrities you’d love me to face read below, and stay tuned for more of my Cosmo adventures!