FINALLY a period brand has used red blood on their ads!

Screw you blue.

By Katie Stow

We have become so accustomed to all period products being displayed with that sanitised hospital looking blue ‘blood’ that, TBH, when we actually got our period we were a little shocked to see it was legitimately red.

It’s odd that this blue cover up occurred in the first place, but it seems that there is some kind of unspoken ~fear~ of menstruation — because we can’t say it’s an issue with blood, otherwise Game of Thrones would have aired “The Blue Wedding”.

But, FINALLY, one period brand have taken the lead on the anti-blue adventure and have aired the first pad ad with red blood. WOO HOO!

U.K. brand Bodyform has officially become the first to feature sanitary pads stained with red liquid, and they say it’s because they wanted to “confront taboos surrounding periods” after research revealed that 74% of people wanted to see more honest representation in adverts. TOO RIGHT, SISTA.

They’ve backed up their print campaign with a video called #bloodnormal that shows ladies bleeding in the shower, boyfriends buying pads for their partners and even someone dressed as a giant pad at a party. Obvs.

The ad ends with the slogan “Periods are normal. Showing them should be too.”

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Let’s not shy away from something is so damn natural. Let’s be open, honest and celebrate menstruation! (But, obviously, feel free to bitch heavily about it when you have one and demand chocolate on the reg, because sometimes they really do suck.)

Now watch Matty J in an old school U by Kotex ad, for the lols: