Five amaze things women's bodies can do

Ladies, worship your bod because nature has blessed us with some super cool abilities that boys just can't do.

5 amazing things women's bodies can do

With summer around the corner it seems everywhere you look you’re bombarded with bikini body images, which could give you reason to hate on your body. Stop. That. Right. Now. We’re serious, and to show you we mean it we’re throwing a celebration to remind you that although you might not love every bit of it, your bod is incredible and it’s capable of doing some pretty-damn-amazing things...

I am survivor

One of the most significant achievements of the 21st century is the increase in human lifespan. And according to a recent study, unambiguously titled ‘Females live longer than males’ published in Current Pharmaceutical Design, it is clear that in most periods of human existence, ladies outlived dudes. Go us!

Experts estimate women live roughly five years longer than men, basically because we’re better at fighting infection and disease. It’s also thought that females have healthier behaviours throughout their lives (like eating well and being more health conscious), which buys us those extra years.

And give yourself another huge high five for being a woman because the most common ratio of female-to-male centenarians (FYI: a person that lives past 100, not a half-man/half-horse like some people at Cosmo HQ thought) tends to swing in favour of womenfolk.

Keep them coming

Oh, the female orgasm...for many chicks out there, one is not enough and they can keep the Big-Os, er, cumming. "All women are (physiologically) capable of having multiple orgasms," says Barbara Bartlik, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York.

This blissful talent originates from the fact that females don't have to go through as long of a “refractory period” as men, or simply, guys need more time before their junk is ready to bl…go again. Women, however, achieve climax in a plateau stage of arousal, so once one orgasm is achieved we just keep on going if our lady bits are still stimulated – we don’t need no break!

Baby maker

Like pancakes, we might know that the recipe to make a baby is simple:


1 ripe and mature egg

100 million very fast and excited sperm


Mix well

Bake in a woman’s tummy for approx. 273 days

Yeah you might think it is obvious but it’s also a freaking miracle, so can we all just pause for a second to consider how gosh-darn amazing this baby-making super power is! Ok we need a bloke, and thank you fellas, but the way a female body can share itself to grow another human being inside it is just incredible.

Like a very accommodating landlord, our bodies do a lot of rearranging to make our bub feel at ease, and, similar to any B&B in country France, it’s the little touches that make all the difference. Our body releases a hormone called progesterone, which softens the bones so the rib cage can make way for what’s about to happen. The uterus grows, everything else in the body shifts about and organs, such as the heart and liver, enlarge too.

So, while pregnant ladies might need the loo more often, their bodies are unconsciously surrendering themselves to a variety of mind blowing and generally cool things that will help to usher a new human being into life. Guys, just try and top that!

Got milk?

Have you ever wondered why men have nipples? Well, it’s not as tantalizing as you might think. “Men have nipples because embryos are always female in their early stages, and males only differentiate from the female prototype after a few weeks,” says Dr John Launer.

Dr Launer also says that perhaps once-upon-a-time male nipples had the same sensitivity as female's and thus served “a significant function in courtship and mating behaviour.”

However, unlike lazy guy nipples, ladies not only use theirs in courtship, but to feed offspring, and you know, keep the next generation alive. Slightly more important, no?

All ears

Science has long suggested that gender may play a role in hearing. Findings from the Indiana University School of Medicine indicate that women listen with both sides of their brain, while our male counterparts only use one side. And it’s our femme-only Oestrogen we have to thank for our superior sense because the hormone protects us from losing our hearing as we age.