Guess who’s back? Back Again? Frozen OAK is back. Tell a friend.

Give us that frosty choccy goodness.

By Katie Stow
frozen oak stores

I thought that I was alone in my not-so-mild obsession with chocolate milk that facilitates a regular knock back of a bottle or two whenever it’s physically possible. But after the social media meltdown that ensued when Frozen OAKS were only made available in like four locations, I knew that there were other milk fiends like me out there.

So fellow fat-water guzzlers, I have the greatest news for you all: Frozen OAK is coming back, and it is stocking HARD in not one, not two, but 140 locations across Australia, meaning you can most definitely get your thurrrssssty hands one of these bad boys.

If you’re not reacting like this, you’re doing it wrong.

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To find out where your closest OAK stock is hiding, hit up this website and coordinate your dairy-based plan of attack.