Twitter can't get over this 'Game of Thrones' hairstyle joke

What a time to be alive.

Twitter can't get over this Game of Thrones hairstyle joke

Extremely mild spoilers for the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones below

Though much happened in the opening episode of this year's Game of Thrones season, fans took to social media to notice one thing in particular.

Yes, there was the requisite "Is that... Ed Sheeran on screen?" comment. (Yes. He was.)

There were also some freak outs over new appearances and reappearances from some previously AWOL characters, as all of Westeros creaks closer to winter reckoning. Euron Greyjoy's new dirtbag, band frontman look really brought out the jokes:

But it's the Hound's welcome return in particular that brought about much mirth on social media. Namely, his line about... man buns? Or as he refers to one poor man's hair: "You're not fooling anyone with that top knot."

Cue the #megajokes:

Game of Thrones: all elaborate hair welcome, except for sad man buns.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK