Gemstone toast is now a thing

Celebrate #ToastTuesday in a very glam way

Gemstone toast is now a trend

The world has already gone absolutely berserk over unicorn and mermaid food, so it seems apt that we take it one step further and chuck on food what has never been chucked on before… gemstones.

Yup, you heard that correctly. People are actually sprinkling their morning toast with edible gemstones. We can only imagine the pizazz they do that with:

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The trend started with #instafamous food stylist Adeline Waugh, who welcomed to the world 'rainbow yoghurt bowls' and 'star covered salads'.

She stumbled upon the idea while procrastinating (much more creative than the usual Netflix binge) and voilà! The Gemstone toast was born.

And despite looking like it might break your teeth in half with one bite, Adeline confirms that the dish is made of all-natural ingredients. Though one of them is “activated charcoal”, which sounds hella crunchy to us.

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There is no doubt that @vibrantandpure does a cracking job at making this look amaze, but we are pretty sure if we tried recreating this on our own, it may result in a kitchen countertop covered in badly mixed cream cheese and thousands of little gems lost to the floorboards forever. So perhaps it is safer if this one just stays on the Instagram screen…