Deadline week survival guide

When we're exhausted, we turn to viral videos, GIFs and memes to keep us going. Check out our funny top 40...

Here at Cosmo HQ, the pressures of deadline week means we’re never far from our desks. So when we need a little bit of time out, we enjoy a quickie – a YouTube video, that is. We also heart memes, big time. Here are the top 40 memes, GIFs? and viral videos that help us stay sane.

Our top videos

  1. We're not sure why we find this so damn funny, but we do:

  1. When we're too tired to even brush our hair, this awesome video gives us a few ideas:

  1. When we really need to see something that'll make us smile:

  1. When we need to remember celebs are people too:

  1. Do the Harlem Shake! We heart this version by the Norwegian army:

  1. Who watched the He Man cartoon as a kid? This version of him singing What's Up? has us cracking up every time:

  1. If we ever forget to appreciate our little achievements, we watch this kid:

  1. This spliced trailer Brokeback To The Future spawned a whole series of parodies but the original is still the best:

  1. If you haven't watched the How It Should Have Ended clips, you need to. We have How Twilight Should Have Ended on repeat:

  1. ShT Girls Say* is a classic. Fact.

  1. This Taylor Swift/goat duet is beyond:

  1. It's slightly mean but also totally hilarious...parents give their kids fake christmas presents and their reactions are awesome:

  1. If we're still at the office post-dinner, it's cute animal video time! We're totally obsessed with Hamlet the pig. He's scared of stairs but loves his oatmeal, bless:

  1. You can't help but laugh at these hamsters:

  1. Maru the cat is a YouTube star! Seriously cat haters look away because this probably the goofiest and cutest cat on the internet (aside from Grumpy Cat):

  1. This video of a cat dramatically stalking the camera always has us laughing:

  1. If you haven't seen Justin Timberlake getting drunk on camera. Let us enlighten you:

The ?GIFs that keep us giggling

  1. Some Tumblrs speak the truth (amen), like this:

  1. And this:

  1. And this:

When things get late, we use ?GIFs to express ourselves.

  1. This is exactly how we feel when you send in your questions, so please Tweet and Facebook us:

  1. And this is us when we're in a social media slump:

  1. When we start dancing around:

  1. When it's after hours and a file has gone missing:

  1. If we're staying past dinner time:

  1. This is us post-deadline:

  1. When we need to get psyched up, there are two GIFs we turn to. This is the first:

  1. The second is accompanied by music via Buzz Feed:

Watch this:

And play this at the same time:30. Here's another GIF that goes eerily well with music:


  1. Since we're Cosmo girls, we also heart a good dating GIF, like this:

When you realize you're the rebound.

  1. And this:

When your boyfriend cooks for you.

  1. And this:

When you're just not into him.

All good workplaces have a funny-picture-sharing policy. Here's a few we love to send around:

  1. Why Rick Astley is never gonna hurt us.

  1. The Grumpy Cat is #trending big time right now, we think it's one of the best memes EVER:

Here are few personal faves of the *Cosmo* team.

  1. Our beauty editor Leigh loves a good meme, like this one:

  1. No one knows all the lyrics to Macarena. Fact. Our deputy chief subeditor Louise hearts this comic.

  1. Two memes for the price of one! Susannah's fave is a "This is Dog" and Taken splice:

  1. When we're reaching the end of deadline:

  1. No matter how crazy work is, this soothes every single Cosmo girls soul: