This is what it’s like to live with two vaginas

Just in case you ever wondered what it was like to have two periods... AT THE SAME TIME.

The next time you’re complaining about period pain, think about how Cassandra Bankson would feel.

The 22 year-old Youtuber and model made an interesting discovery after she visited her doctor to find out what was causing her kidney pain. Well, not only did she discover she only had one kidney, - but Cassandra also learnt that she had two vaginas.

It’s known medically as ‘uterus didelphys’, which causes the vagina to split into two separate cavities, so similar to an “upside nose”, Cassandra explained to Barcroft TV.

The condition also means that Cassandra has two uteruses, two cervixes but a normal amount of fallopian tubes and eggs.

Before she made her big announcement via Youtube, Cassandra already had a steady following. But naturally, when she did upload a Q&A, everyone was curious to know what it was like….

She has two periods; yup. Just when you thought you had it bad, Cassandra bleeds for 23 to 28 days of the month. Along with PMS symptoms, cramping, and bowel issues. We say this girl deserves a medal.

She’ll also need to have two smear tests, because Cass has two cervixes it means there are two places for cervical cancer to develop. Ultimately Cassandra will have to have a “double-check” each time she visits her gynaecologist. Yep, give her a medal NOW.

Cassandra admitted that she’s not actively trying for kids at the moment, but along the track if she decides that’s what she wants, it might actually be possible. "A lot of women don't even know they have this condition and find out when they're pregnant," Cassandra's physician, Dr. Harris, told Barcroft TV. However Cassandra has done her research and even revealed that a woman in India with two wombs successfully had two pregnancies. #yayforscience!

Watch her video to learn more about Cassandra’s fascinating story, and trust us, you’ll want to give this girl a massive hi-5.