Grant has finally explained what happened between him and Tayla

In every relationship, you do have arguments, and we weren't perfect in way shape or form.

By Kate Wagner

We were shocked yesterday (kinda… not really) to discover only two weeks after leaving the villa, Love Island winners, Grant and Tayla, had called it quits.

It did, however, start to get juicy when Grant commented on an Insta post that the split was "news to me".

Millie accused him of playing dumb, the boys backed him, and Edyn said Tayla should've kept the 50k prize money to herself… scandalous.

The Canberra sparky took to Kyle & Jackie O to clear up what exactly had transpired between the couple who seemed so loved up only days ago.

Apparently, the 22-year-old is "heartbroken" Tayla called it quits.

"To be honest with you, it was more of a lover's tiff. I thought we could work things out. And then it went out [online] like that, and I was like, wow," he told the radio show.

"In every relationship, you do have arguments, and we weren't perfect in way shape or form. We had a little argument, and it blew out, and now it's become this situation. It's broken my heart."

Grant insisted his month-long romance in the villa was very real and he would stop at nothing to win her back.

"I love the girl deeply and I went through an amazing experience with her," he claimed.

"It's just hard because I went on Love Island and I fell in love with Tayla, I still do love the girl."

"I will try my best to win her back."

But the real question is, does Tayla still love him?

"She says she does," he said, hesitantly.

We're no experts, but a public Insta post replete with poignant paragraph normally means she's pretty over it, tbh.

And what about his snarky "news to me" comment?
"We'd had a conversation, but it was news to me that it was posted online," he clarified.

"I kind of knew that it was going to happen, I just never expected it to be on Instagram so quickly."

He says it was only 24 hours after their fight that the news was online, but considering that's about 1/8th of their relationship, that seems fair.

He's also sticking to his guns that he didn't have a secret girlfriend on the outside.

"I wasn't in a relationship at all with the other girl and I went on the show and fell in love with Tayla," Grant asserted, adding there is no way he'd get back with his ex-girlfriend. The first one, not Tayla... we think.

Cannot wait for Tayla's rebuttal.