11 hacks to beat the heat without air-conditioning

We've got you covered.

By Sammy Stewart

FACT: It's bloody hot outside.

Literally can't deal with this insane heatwave we're experiencing and ceebs getting an actual air-conditioning unit installed? No worries.

We've got you covered with these life-changing hacks to stay cool this summer.


It’s pretty obvious, but sometimes we forget just how useful our freezers are. Start the habit of filling up water bottles and popping them in the freezer. Add sprigs of mint or lemon juice drops to ~zest~ up your ice cubes and freeze grapes, strawberries or oranges to snack on and keep cool.

2. Don’t forget your furry babies!

Throw some ice cubes into your pets’ water bowl and you’ll instantly be parent of the year.

3. Cool down via your pulse points

That’s right, you can actually cool down using your body! By placing a cold cloth or ice where blood vessels are close to the skin (your wrists, back of your beck, your temples, back of the knee etc) you will notice an instant cooling sensation.

4. Change your sheets

Switch your thick, dense sheets for a lightweight cotton sheet, which will promote airflow and make you feel ~cooler~ during those sleepless nights.

5. Change your fan setting

If you can, adjust your ceiling fan settings and make it run counter-clockwise or change it to the “summer” setting. Running your fan the opposite way will pull the hot air up and replace it with a ~cool~ breeze.

6. Keep it dark

Before you leave for work, make sure all your windows are covered, doors are shut and ensure that as little light as possible is getting into your house. When you get home your house should be nice and cool.

7. DIY air-con

If you’ve got a desk fan, turn it into a DIY air-conditioning unit by placing a bowl full of ice in front and get ready to be hit with a fresh af breeze.

8. Damp sheets FTW

Get a damp sheet, hang it in front of an open window and you’ll be feeling that cool air flow.

9. Eat spicy food

This might seem weird, by according to Dr Oz, the heat from spicy meals is counteractive and actually “causes you to sweat and naturally cools your body.”

10. Spritz it!

Put your favourite fact mist in the fridge and spritz yourself for an instantly satisfying cool-down. Thank us later.

11. Back to basics

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Don’t have the space/budget/patience to get a proper pool? Pick up a cheap and cheerful clam shell (yep, like the one you had when you were 3) and fill it up with some cool water. Sure you might look a bit ridiculous but damn, you’ll be feeling chilled.