10 Hailey Baldwin reactions that perfectly express how you feel about everyday situations

Hailey's basically us.

By Sammy Stewart

Hailey Baldwin is a very successful model. She's also a master of many shady asf facial expressions that sum about how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

When someone brings McDonalds into the office and the ~whiff~ is too good

Who's got the chips?

When one of your relatives for the 148th time asks if you've brought anyone ~special~ home for Christmas

Plz leave my presence.

When you're on holidays and suddenly remember you have to be back at work in 5 days

Can I just live here forever?

When someone pushes in front of you at Starbucks

H8 u.

When you're out and see your ex so you pretend to be on your phone to avoid conversation

"Hello? Oh hey, hi! Yes, omg yes for sure."

When it's washing day, so you throw on whatever you find and wear the f**k outta it

Your mantra: You are a fierce, independent, working woman who can pull off anything.

When you're in the ladies bathroom in a club and a drunk girl compliments your makeup

Friends 4 lyf.

When a hot doorman calls you "ma'am"

Feeling like sophisticated, lady woman rn.

When your mum asks you to pick up some milk but you've *just* left the shops


When you're on a date that's going to hell with a guy who's boring you outta your brains

"And then I was like, BRO."

So you try to telepathically communicate with the nearest female

~"Hello. Hi. Pretend you know me."~