New York legends found a GENIUS way to bring their dogs on the subway

Taking the term ‘handbag’ dogs to the extreme.

can you bring dogs on the new york city subway

The New York City subway decided to bring in a rule that stops dog-lovers from bringing their puppers on the trains. The only loop hole is that floofers that are small enough to fit into a bag are allowed on board.

Well, it seems the people of the Big Apple decided to see this not as a restriction, but as a challenge.

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Clever little Manhattan residents were quick to notice that there was no official weight restriction declared for these dogs in bags, so big dawgs could ~technically~ hitch a ride on the subway — as long as their owner had enough muscle power to hold them under one arm.

The results? Bloody brilliant.

This really just emphasises the awkward head-size to body-size ratio that frenchies have to combat on the daily.

Champion bag, champion dog-dad.

Someone looks anxious that they are running late for work…

Got the right platform?

Tent? Check. Torch? Check. Woofer? Check.

Spends whole life dragging humans around on a sledge, moves to New York, demands humans now drag him around. #TheAmericanDream.

He makes the exact same face when you say “walkies”…

“Get in the bag, they said. There is loads of room, they said.”

He legit looks like the best birthday party gift bag. Ever.

"This is my French-Rivera look."

Lost owner. Still in bag. Who’s a good boy?!


We applaud you New York, we really do.