This is how to ‘Harry Potter’ the heck out of your house, just in time for Christmas

Your own personal Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Christmas Decoration

Being Harry Potter-obsessed is somewhat a given if you are anyone between the ages of five and 50. It’s a story that transcends generations and a franchise that has sucked us in hook, line and sinker. So, really, it’s only natural that we all want a whole hoard of Harry Potter goodies.

Though we would quite happily move straight into Hogwarts, and chill in a dorm room with all our witch and wizard friends, that dream is quite hard to achieve — which is why we must settle with simply stuffing our own muggle house with magical stuff.

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So, we have put together a selection of the greatest Harry Potter homewares we can apparate to ourselves (or ship, you know, if you’re a non-believer).