Holy honeydukes: This Harry Potter-themed cafe serves literal goblets of fire

Get the floo powder, we're going to Singapore.

By Sammy Stewart

It's always a joy for Potterheads when a new Harry Potter-inspired venue opens. It reminds us that a) our Harry Potter obsession isn't dying anytime soon and b) planet earth will always agree on one thing: magic is awesome.

Last year we royally freaked out over the Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto, Canada, and then there was that restaurant that opened in Islamabad.

Now there's an equally-as-magic cafe that's just opened in Singapore.

Platform 1094, (It gets it's name from the 1094 Serangood Road address) is a cafe designed to make you lose your absolute chill. Aside from having wands, hands and other magical props to make your experience more ~enchanting~, they have an actual Goblet of Fire cocktail.

The potion drink is made from Bacardi rum infused with blue Curacao liqueur, and legit fires up when you sprinkle in some magic (cinnamon) powder.

Honestly checking out flights to Singapore as we speak.

The cafe also serves soups in cauldrons:

If you are planning on making the trip, ensure you book in advance. #MuggleProblemz