21 Harry Potter posts that will make you question EVERYTHING

Is everything we know just a LIE?

By Dusty Baxter-Wright

Whilst the magical world of Hogwarts is undoubtedly bloody awesome, there's still one or two (or twenty) questions that the internet still need answering about the Harry Potter franchise.

1. Do Hogwarts students ever do exams?

2. Why does Harry not die in *The Chamber of Secrets?*

3. Did the marauders map outsmart death?

4. Is Harry actually a douchebag?

5. Is Voldemort talking directly to Harry through his conscience?

6. Is Draco a secret Harry fanboy?

7. Does Voldemort ever have sex?

8. Do Hogwarts students ever get periods?

9. Do Hufflepuff smoke weed?

10. Why is Dumbledore's logic so floored?

11. See above

12. Does everyone in Gryffindor ask to be in the house?



1. Why do they have to always use magic?

16. "Fetus deletus"

17. Peter Pettigrew you cheeky bugger, you

18. What would Hogwarts be like without Harry?

19. How did Harry even survive Hogwarts?

20. Is sex different for wizards and witches?

21. But also this

Source: Cosmo UK