This Harry Potter colour changing candle will sort you into a Hogwarts house

Whispers: "not Slytherin"

By Dusty Baxter-Wright

Now that you can wear Hogwarts-themed pyjamas, and adorn yourself in jewellery inspired by the Harry Potter universe, the only thing that's left is to know is which Hogwarts House you'd be sorted into, something which any fan would want to know since the franchise first came into their lives.

And while the quiz on Pottermore might give some idea as to whether you'd be Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor, there's now a magical colour changing candle that can make the decision for you.

While it may not be shaped like the sorting hat, it does promise to do exactly the same thing - when you burn the white candle, the wax will change colour and reveal red, yellow, green or blue - the house colours.

Sold on Etsy by MuggleLibraryCandles, the product description reads, "Introducing our newest candle! The Sorting! This candle starts off white and as it burns, our sorting candle will reveal what house you belong in!

"The wax will transform to either red, yellow, green or blue! Even I won't know which house The Sorting Hat will put you in! ❤️💛💚💙 This is a delicious lemony scent mixed with a musky combination of sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and patchouli."

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Unfortunately, there are no photos of the wax revealing what house the owner would be in, so you'll have to purchase your own if you're interested, huh?