I hid 3 bottles of wine in my clothes and nobody noticed

Rosé all day.

By Rachel Torgerson
Hiding wine in your clothes

There are a million clever ways to sneak your alcohol nowadays — just search "wine" on Amazon, and you'll see what I mean. There's a sports bra with a hidden bladder, a scarf with a secret nozzle, and even a stylish bracelet into which you can pour your spirit of choice. I imagine when most people purchase these items, they're thinking they'll get away with one flask, tops.

I, however, wanted to see what would happen if I tried wearing all of them at the same time.

So for one day only, I wore six different flasks containing a total of three bottles. Can you guess where the wine is?

One final note: While trying on these flasks was a fun experiment, please remember always to drink responsibly.

1. Inside My Scarf

Filling all of these products was a little complicated: You need a funnel for most of them, and you have to blow into them first in order to pour the liquid without spilling. Since many of them were opaque, it was also hard to tell whether or not they were full, so let's just say I spilled on more than one occasion. But after I figured that out, this one was pretty easy to assemble, and the looped quality of the scarf helped keep it extra hidden.

2. Under My Bra

My chest is a solid B cup, and adding a bladder full of wine made my boobs look huge — honestly, it gave me the best cleavage of my life. (Did I mention the wine was super cold? The temperature shock against my skin kept things interesting.) Even more fun was figuring out where to hide the straw-like tube that comes out of the bra. Eventually, I threaded it through my sleeve so I could drink out of it from my wrist — ingenious, if I do say so myself.

3. Inside My Bracelet

This was by far the most ~fashionable~ flask of the day — this kind of cuff is definitely my style. It only holds about three ounces of liquid, but I maintain that it's about quality, not quantity — and sometimes, a nip of rosé is all you need.

4. Inside My Bag

Although this bag was smaller than I thought it would be, don't be deceived. The plastic flask inside can hold way more than one bottle of wine. The only issue? It's hard to drink from the bottom of a purse without getting noticed.

5. Under My Skirt

This flask holds more than a bottle of wine on its own too, but it's downright crass in action. Why? You look like you're peeing when you use it, which resulted in a pretty shameful moment at Starbucks. I suspect it's more of a prank item than a practical option for hiding wine.

6. Inside My Shoes

OK, these shoes are straight-up awesome. The seven-inch wedges come with ~secret compartments~ complete with heart-shaped levers to open them. I fit two collapsable flasks (which looked a lot like Capri Sun pouches) inside each wedge and felt super legit.

I was amazed by how unassuming these products truly are. Nobody did a double-take as I walked around the office or outside. Even people who were in on the experiment seemed confused — they asked me where everything was hidden and looked shocked when I revealed everything I had going on. The only time anyone really noticed what I was doing was when I was at Starbucks — and that's because I truly looked like I was urinating rosé into a wine glass. (Sorry, mum.)

Via: Cosmopolitan US