Whoa, Hilary Duff says 'Younger' season 4 has made her #TeamCharles!

Very. Conflicted.

By Jessica Chandra
Younger Cast

#TeamJosh or #TeamCharles? That is the question… if you watch Younger, that is! If you don’t, you probably have NFI what this whole Josh vs. Charles situation is about. And if that’s the case, GET ON BOARD so you can be part of this very important debate.

In the show, Josh, played by the beautiful Nico Tortorella, is the 26-year-old tattoo artist who falls in love with Liza, the lead character who’s 40, but pretending to be 26, so she can get back into the publishing world.

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Charles, played by the dashing Peter Hermann (who is married to Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU, IRL), is Liza’s charming and much more age-appropriate boss.

And here’s the both of them standing next to each other, looking fine AF.

They are both unicorns of men, who obviously only exist in fictional TV show worlds. Liza and Josh were together on-and-off for the first three seasons, but the shit hit the fan when Josh caught Liza kissing Charles just moments before he was about to propose to her.


It’s very easy to be both #TeamJosh AND #TeamCharles, but, let’s be real, you can only be one.

Hilary Duff, who plays Liza’s work BFF Kelsey Peters, was recently asked whether she was #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles.

“I do get asked all the time,” Hilary told People. “I think up until this season, I was really saying Team Josh because I liked that he brought out this really fun side of her and made her feel alive again. I think I was always kind of Team Josh.”

“But now this season, I might be a little more Team Charles. Things have changed and I just feel like maybe Charles is the better match for Liza. It’s all very complicated.”

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Or don’t. Because we would rather watch it all unfold for ourselves, TBH.

Hilary also spilled a bit about what’s to come for Kelsey and Liza’s relationship, which broke down at the end of season three, when Liza decided to come clean to Kelsey about her real age.

“Obviously, we make up,” Hilary said. “I’m not really giving anything away there because I don’t think there’d be much of a show since the show is so much about our friendship. These are normal things that happen in friendships and relationships, and I think it’ll be nice for the audience to watch, to see some real stuff happening between them.”

“Even though they do make up, there’s definitely times past the first four episodes once we’re really fighting with one another. Once we’ve made up, there are things that still bubble to the surface that hurt Kelsey because she realises how deep the lie has gone.”

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Whatever happens, we cannot wait.

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