You'll spit out your coffee when you find out how much $ Kylie Jenner made off her merch in 2016


By Sammy Stewart

It's safe to say Kylie Jenner can shout your next drink, cos babes made A LOT in 2016.

This year her Kylie Cosmetics expanded beyond LipKits with the introduction of her Kyshadow palette and Kyliner. She's also just launchd her new merch website, and a bunch of pop up stores in the US.

So how much did all these enterprises earn Miss Kylizzle in 2016?


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According to The New York Times, Kylie made around $10 million in personal earnings thanks to her ever-growing empire.

The main reason behind Kylie's insane profit? The New York Times writes that Kylie's marketing strategy is all about "the drop," demonstrated when she teases products and builds hype through social media prior to a product's release date. This results in ~demand~ which means more $ales.

Think what you will about Kylie, but there's no denying the fact the she's a savvy AF business woman.

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