How to hide your hangover

Don’t you hate it when you accidently have five glasses of chardonnay?

By Leigh Campbell

Your beauty approach the morning after the night before should not be the same as your regular get-ready routine. If you employ the same make-up steps you ordinarily do day-to-day, you’ll look tired and dry and, well, hung-over. Instead, do this:

Skull copious amount of water and consider adding in a Hydralyte. Head directly to the shower, do not pass the mirror and do not look at your reflection. Wash away last night’s makeup you slept in and smoke from your strands.

Out of the shower, do NOT reach for your regular face cream. It’s not going to cut it. All those sem-savs have sucked the moisture out of your skin, making it mega thirsty. Makeup artist Victoria Baron once suggested using your richer night cream on hung-over skin, which I thought was a genius tip. I personally reach for Jojoba oil. Massage your hard core hydrator in firmly for a good three minutes. This will get circulation flowing and aid in absorption. It’ll also mean you get to close your eyes for a bit.

Check your phone. You’ve texted ‘I lobe u’ to a random number and there’s 37 photos of your lap on your camera roll? Excellent.

Grab a liquid foundation. If you’re normally a powdered mineral girl, skip it. When I interviewed Jessica Alba (what’s that noise? Oh that’s just me dropping a name), she explained that she steers clear of any powder formulas as they are visually ageing on the complexion. She goes for liquids and creams instead.

Swipe a wash of soft pearl across your lids (focusing on the inner corners), then rim the lower lash line with flesh liner. Avoid black on the lower lashes as it will just make you look tired(er). Same goes for warm shades of shadow (bronzer or pink) on the lids, they will emphasise the redness. Curl lashes and go crazy with mascara, again; on the top only, to open up the eyes.

Take some pain killers. Yes, it’s self-inflicted but they will help you face the world.

Tap a hydrating eye cream on the cheekbone, wait a minute, then work a light reflecting concealer under the eyes. This ensures concealer doesn’t settle into thirsty smile lines.

Tap a liquid or cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks. Again, avoid powders on the cheek or over the complexion at all.

Apply lip balm. Avoid a statement lip today as you need to be fresh to pull it off (and the maintenance factor will make life even harder).

Practise smiling in the mirror. Try harder.

Work out why your ankle is swollen you’re walking with a limp.