I. Marlene King has ~teased~ the future of three ‘Pretty Little Liars’ couples

This is how Emison, Spoby and Haleb end up.

By Matt Galea
I. Marlene King has ~teased~ the future of three ‘Pretty Little Liars’ couples

As the countdown to the unveiling of ‘A’ heats up, more and more little spoilers keep surfacing, each one even juicer than the last!

And the latest spoiler is of the luuuuuurve variety.

PLL overlord I. Marlene King took to Twitter to drop some major hints about how three of our fave fictional couples will end up.

The series’ show runner tweeted a line of the final scripts involving Emison (Alison DiLaurentis and Emily Fields), Spoby (Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh) and Haleb (Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers).

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Shay Mitchell recently revealed that her character, Emily will end up with ”someone who she cares deeply about,” and fans have speculated that this MUST be Alison, which goes to support King’s cryptic tweet.

While there are all kinds of fan theories and speculation about how the mystery series will end, Shay Mitchell revealed that the ending will completely take us by surprise.

The ending is "perfect”, the 29-year-old gushed, but it will be “an ending that is truly going to shock the audience, and at the same time answer all of the questions that they had over the seven years. I’m pretty confident that the fans are going to love it as much as we loved filming it.”

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This just made us a whole lot more excited for the finale!