I'm a Game of Thrones fangirl

That time Rose Leslie aka Ygritte came to visit Cosmo.

By Amelia Bowe

If your life doesn’t already revolve around Game of Thrones, we can only assume that you’ve been living in some remote, TV-less, cave for the past three seasons. Or you’re blind and deaf.

But luckily for you and your empty, GOT lacking life – season three is released on DVD tomorrow (Wednesday). And to celebrate, Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte – the wildling love interest of Jon Snow) dropped by the Cosmo office today to say hey. And it was ace.

Excuse the serious girl crushing, but I can now die a happy woman after meeting Rose. The red-headed babe was engaging, intelligent, gorgeous and witty – just like her character in the show.

But unlike Ygritte – she has a REALLY posh English accent. True story. (My mind is still boggled.)

So in light of all this, I’m going to spew out a Game of Thrones recap for all of you who, like me, are counting down the seconds until season four. (Early April, FYI.) And also for all the GOT virgins out there. (Seriously – what’s your deal?!)

Anyway, back to Rose. When you put yourself in Ygritte’s snowshoes she really is one lucky girl. Mainly because she’s been having steamy fun times with our imaginary boyfriend Jon Snow – which she tells us is “just like making out with any other guy.” Whatever.

And SPOILER ALERT there were plenty of sex scenes between the pair last season. Ranging from their romantic and passionate first time, to straight up banging each other in any cave they can find.

“Filming the sex scene was a bit awkward but it all turned out okay because we’re friends which made it more comfortable,” she told us today, when we pressed her on the good stuff.

There’s also no shortage of the usual blood, guts and death in Westeros land in season three. There are dragons burning people alive, entire families being brutally murdered WHICH WE’RE STILL NOT OVER and slimy King Joffrey being a general prick.

But while we highly recommend having tissues at the ready, because NO character is ever safe, Rose assures us that Ygritte and her trademark accent (“Jon Snoooow”) will be around for a while yet. Phew.

And the final thing we’ll say on the matter - grab some popcorn and plonk yourself down on your own iron throne ASAP to binge-watch the first three seasons, or even just re-watch season three to get back up to speed. Because it really is thrilling and captivating like nothing else on TV.

Plus Rose and I are practically BFFs now, so you really need to support my friend’s show.