Why people think Netflix's new show 'Insatiable' is problematic

File this under 'bad ideas'.

By Susannah Guthrie

It's rare that Netflix does something that doesn't result in mass obsession, binge-watching and adoration, but they might have put a foot wrong with their latest offering, Insatiable.

Described as a "dark, twisted revenge comedy", it stars former Disney star Debby Ryan as Patty, a formerly overweight teenager-turned-beauty-queen who decides to exact revenge on all those who wronged her during her so-called "fat" days.

You can watch the trailer below:

It's not due to arrive on Netflix until August 10, but there's already a petition to have it cancelled with more than 100,000 signatures on it.

Why, you ask? Because, according to the trailer, the show appears to rely on the overused trope that being fat automatically equates to being unpopular, and that being thin means you're a better, more successful human being.

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People on social media are baffled that, after outcry over movies like I Feel Pretty, someone still thinks it's a viable idea to chuck a young actress in a fat suit and create a makeover story.

It's ...pretty bad.

To her credit, Debby took to Instagram to try and quell concerns ahead of the show's release with a bona fide essay, writing:

It was a valiant effort, but the petition continued to gain traction and is not far from its target of 150,000 signatures.

"The toxicity of this series, is bigger than just this one particular series," the petition reads.

"The release is set to be the 10th of August, we still have time to stop this series from being released, and causing a devastation of self-doubt in the minds of young girls who will think that to be happy and be worthy, they need to lose weight."

Debby Ryan in a fat suit.
Debby Ryan in a fat suit.

Netflix are keeping mum on the status of the show but are still sharing promotional material ahead of its premiere, so only time will tell if it actually makes it to our laptop screens or not.

More Queer Eye, less fat-shaming please.