8 times Instagram bloggers revealed the tricks they use to fool us all

Behind-the-scenes magic.

By Mahalia Chang
Tash Oakley.

Even though, deep down, we know that the world of Instagram – with all it’s perfectly-lit shots, flat tummies and airbrushed skin – is all smoke and mirrors, it can be a pretty big shock when you actually see what really goes on behind the scenes. Whether it’s airbrushing skin or even just posing in a certain way, these are the tricky little hacks bloggers use to fool us into thinking life really is a Insta-grid.

Flexing your hips

As demonstrated by Madalin Giorgetta, the simple position of your hips can have a huge effect on how you look. On the left, Madalin is pushing her hips forward, and on the right, she’s flexing. Another reminder that “Real life isn't what you see on Instagram peeps.”

Waiting a couple of hours after eating

Choosing to take your Instagram at the right time of day can be a big decider in how your photo turns out. Fitness blogger Tiffany Brien proved that it’s all in the waiting game. She posted these two side-by-sides. On the left, she’s just eaten dinner, and on the right, she’s just about to go to bed.

"No I'm not 6 months pregnant. It's just my food baby," Tiffany wrote. "We are not all what we seem on social media. I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you nobody is "perfect" and it is ok to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball.”

Literally just standing up

Anna Victoria went just a little viral last year when she posted these two “before and afters” of the hours before her wedding. As you can see, she just really knows her angles.

Changing the colour of your underwear

To get real about those ‘body transformations’ you see everywhere, a personal trainer did this little exposé, where she ‘transformed’ in 15 minutes. One of her top tips was swapping out unflattering underwear for slimming black (and throwing in a ‘skinny arm’). Tricks of the trade.

‘Popping’ your butt

All those ‘booty goals’ Instas you’ve been seeing across your feed might just be the results of a good ‘booty pop’. Not as dirty as it sounds, it’s literally just popping your hip, so you get the best angle, as demonstrated by Sara Puhto.

Sucking in your tummy

This one is kinda obvious, but when you see those perfectly flat tummies on Instagram, nine times outta ten, that person has sucked in their tum for the two seconds they’re posing. Fitness blogger Carly Rowena shows that in action.

Positioning the camera just right

Tash Oakley knows a thing or two about Instagram magic – she does have one of the most-followed Instas in Australia. Her trick for looking good every single time? Make sure the camera is always at eye-level. “If you’re too low you can look bigger, but if you’re too high you can look shorter and wider.”

Travelling with your own photographer

And, if you’re really committed to this whole ‘Instagram perfection’ thing, take it a step further and travel with your own photographer. Simple stuff.