This Instagram update will improve your (stalking) life

Things are about to change forever.

This Instagram update will MAKE your stalking life

Instagram is upgrading the way you can search your list of followers and it’s going to make stalking SO much easier.

At the moment, when you want to see who’s following you (or who’s stopped) you have to go into your follower’s tab and mind-numbingly scroll down until you find the person you’re looking for.

Firstly, it’s a HUGE list (can you imagine Kim trying to scroll through hers?) and secondly, it’s not in alphabetical order, which means you can easily go straight past certain people (hot guys cough).

So Instagram have clearly taken this inconvenience into consideration and have added a search bar to your followers list AND it’s now in alphabetical order.

We can finally see who follows us (or not) easily.


Photographer, Anthony Quintano, snapped the proof:

According to other reports, you’ll also be able to see users with a large number of followers, which of your friends follow them, along with whenever someone posts a new photo. GENIUS.

Although there’s still no confirmation as to when this function will be available to everyone (at the moment it’s being tested by a few lucky iOS users), we’re hoping it’s really, really soon.

Updates app frantically

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