Instagram chucked a Snapchat and introduced face filters

'Cos who doesn't love a good old face warp?

Watch your back Snapchat, ‘cos Instagram stories just upped their game in a major way.

Less than a year after they introduced ‘stories’, the platform have created a new update that's chock-a-block with fun features – including everyone’s fave from Snapchat, face filters.

From today, eight different filters will be available, ranging from koala and rabbit ears, to crowns and glasses (do these sound familiar at all?)

To check out the effects, you’ll need to update the app to version 10.21. Next, tap the camera button on the upper left side of your feed to open stores, where you’ll see a face icon on the bottom right corner.

If you can’t see the new additions just yet, don’t stress – Instagram has said the features will roll out across the world over the next few weeks.

As for what else you can find in the latest update?

Well, one cool new feature that hasn’t already been done previously by other apps includes being able to add clickable hash tag ‘stickers’ to photos and videos on your story, as well as an ‘eraser’ feature. You’ve also now got the ability to rewind videos on your story - an element that was no doubt inspired by Snapchat, too.

Prepare yourselves for yet another influx of flower crown pics, people.