You can now shop on Instagram Stories, and this seems dangerous...

Bye-bye savings, nice knowing ya.

By Katie Stow

Guys, we don't want to be uber-enablers for your already out-of-control shopping habit, but there's a new tool on the block that makes online shopping so much easier — and seriously aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram are rolling out two new shopping functions in the app, which means you'll be able to track down items that you like the look of in Instagram Stories as well as browsing items from brands you follow in a new shopping channel.

Basically, the tech geniuses have developed a super easy way to shop in Stories when you happen to stumble upon something you love when you're having an Insta Story binge sesh. And it looks a little like this:

Essentially it'll work like the tag feature in Instagram Stories, where you tap the tag/hashtag/location to be taken to another page, but rather than staying in-app you'll be taken directly to the product page so you can purchase.

In other words, avoid this function on pay-day because you know you'll splurge!

There will also be a 'Shopping Channel' on the explore page — which we're seeing as a kinda 2018 version of teletext shopping.

This channel will be dedicated to shoppable items shared by brands you already follow, so you're almost guaranteed to find something that you like the look of.

Facebook's Group Industry Director, Naomi Shepherd, explains that, "Over half of young Australians have bought something through Instagram before, and nearly two-thirds of Aussie small businesses say the platform has helped them increase sales. We're committed to building our Instagram shopping tools for both customers and businesses, and these new updates provide new pathways to inspiration and connection for our community."

...In other words, more new fancy shopping features are coming, so keep your eyes peeled and your thumbs at the ready.