Is this app the new Instagram?

Anything that promises eradicate trolls is OK with us.

Hyper app

We get it. Everybody LOVES Instagram, us included. And while we can’t imagine a world without a morning scroll or stalk (we've all been there), there are definitely some negatives. For starters, unless you're set to private, users can look at photos in your feed in one consecutive scroll. This also means they can easily troll every single one of your photos.

But what if there was a social media app that promises to eradicate bullying and trolls? That’d be pretty great, huh? Enter: Hyper, a new app from Brooklyn, New York-based developer Dan Frieber.

Hyper is a photo-sharing app modelled after Instagram and Reddit, minus all the parts that let people troll user accounts.

According to Think Progress, Hyper is different because there is no profile attached to your username which means you can’t have followers and people aren’t able to troll all your photos in the one place.

Friber explained to Think Progress: "If you look at the social networks that dominate that sphere, they're all follower based. And that's fine for people who want to build audiences around their content. But they become the same audience. Do people want to let the content speak for itself or do people want to engage with the content more than the people? [If users post embarrassing content,] They don't have to attach this to an intimate profile, they don't have to worry about friends or family seeing it."

The app takes you to trending hashtags and when you click on each hashtag you can see any photo that’s posted there and give it an up or down vote like you would on a Reddit comment thread.

You can also upload your own photo under that hashtag if you want as well as add text and play with the size of the photos you’re uploading.

While it’s hard to imagine people moving away from Instagram completely, this is definitely a nice photo-sharing option for users who aren’t fussed with building a fan base. And who want to avoid trolls...