All the times Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson really f*cking hated 'Fifty Shades'

That is the face of regret.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are two very talented actors. However, part of us often wonders if they actually knew what they were signing up for when they agreed to film the Fifty Shades franchise...

1. Jamie often goes out of his way to express how different he is from Christian:

"Some of the Red Room stuff was uncomfortable. There were times when Dakota was not wearing much, and I had to do stuff to her that I'd never choose to do to a woman."

2. Jamie even reckons the role will result in his death:

"I almost don't want to put this out there into the ether, but I fear I'll get murdered, like John Lennon, by one of those mad fans at the premiere. Because a lot of people are very angry that I'm playing this character. And I'm a father now, and a husband. I don't want to die yet."

3. When Dakota appeared on Ellen, she basically blamed the film for ruining her love life.

"I guess they either love me or they’re running for the hills. I guess they’re running for the hills."

4. Jamie Dornan (or so it seems) has made it VERY clear he wants out of the franchise.

"We have done two movies back to back now, and I’m actually finished with it. I’ve done Fifty Shades forever. I move on very fast in my mind. As much as from the outside people think you are synonymous with one character, but I’m very much like, ‘Right, that’s done’ and move on to the next project and worry about that character."

5. Jamie doesn't blame you for hating Fifty Shades.

"I always knew people would have a lot of opinions about it, and as much as it has 100 million fans, there’s a lot of people who aren’t into it and are very vocal about that."

6. Jamie also made it publically clear that he hates the movie because it forced him to shave his beard.

"I hate my face without a beard, I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young. I think when I'm clean shaven, I look like a thumb."

7. Dakota really didn't like filming the sex scenes. Like, she hated it.

"It's not ... comfortable. It's pretty tedious. But I've been simulating sex for seven hours straight right now, and I'm over it."

8. These photos from the previous film's press tour say it all:

But don't let that put you off!

Fifty Shades Darker hits cinemas February 9