RIVERDALE BOMBSHELL: Jughead Jones’ real name is not actually Jughead?!

It all goes back to what the 'FP' in FP Jones stands for....

By Natasha Harding
Jughead Jones’ real name

With Riverdale back in our lives for season 2, we’ve got a whole heap of unanswered questions swarming around in our heads. Who tried to kill Fred Andrews? Why was Miss Grundy a target? What did Pops mean when he said ‘the angel of death had come to Riverdale’? And for the love of god when will there be a Bughead shower scene?

But one question we’ve had from the very start of season one is wtf is going on with the names in the Jones family? For starters, Jughead sounds like a piece of kitchenware, while his sister Jellybean legit sounds like a pet rabbit rather than a human. Well, it turns out these aren’t actually their real names.

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While the news comes as kind of a relief ('cos we wouldn't wish shitty names like those even on our worst enemies), we also feel lied to and shocked we don’t know our bae as well as we thought.

So what’s his real name, you ask? You see, it’s all about their dad, FP Jones and those suss looking initials.


At first we thought FP used to just be his whole name but it turns out that, just like KJ Apa (whose full name is Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, fyi) they actually stand for something: Forsythe Pendleton II.

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According to the meticulously organised Archie Comics fanpage, Jughead and Jellybean take after their pa, with Jug’s real name being Forsythe Pendleton III, and Jellybean is Forstyhia.

Original, we know.

Which leads us to ask, where on earth did ‘Jughead’ and ‘Jellybean’ come from?!

Rewind back to the beginning of season one and you’ll remember that both kids had a kind a shoddy relationship with their dad/shady mofo FP Jones, leading them to distance themselves from his name by coming up with random nicknames.

So there you have it, the world of Riverdale makes a little bit more sense.

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