23 occasions when Juliette Barnes' stink-eye is the only option

Throwin' shade like the Nashville babe...

By Lorna Gray

There must be something in the water in Nashville, Tennessee, coz Juliette Barnes (aka Hayden Panettierre) is the unrivalled KWEEN of the stink-eye. Our own death stares can only dream of being such piercing looks of revulsion and abhorrence.

But sure, we can work on them…

Here are some of occasions when you can make like Juliette and let that stink pour from your eyeballs.

  1. When someone withholds their Doritos.

  1. When your mate tells you she met up with that fuckboi again.

  1. Morning breath.

  1. When someone says they listen to Pitbull recreationally.

  1. When you’re drunk in the toilet queue and heaps of chicks are going in 3 at a time.

  1. When he mansplains.

  1. When someone tells you they’re doing ‘Dry January’.

  1. When a woman says: “Girls don’t really like me.”

  1. When you’re standing at the traffic lights and someone comes up behind you and presses the button like you’ve not bloody done it already.

  1. When he doesn’t return the favour.

  1. When your friend tags you in an ugly AF photo.

  1. When an overzealous roidy-looking dude stands next to you in the gym and proceeds to grunt loudly.

  1. In fact, all sex noises in gym.

14 Kyle Sandilands.

  1. An unwarranted dick pic.

  1. When your bank card declines and godammit Sarah, you’re 29 years old.

  1. When something in baby form catches you unawares.

  1. When he says he's "too big" to wear a condom.

  1. Chris Brown.

  1. When your mum asks: “Why don’t you try going for a nice boy?”

  1. When someone says they like Nickelback and it takes you a second to realise they’re actually being serious.

  1. Losing your phone/wallet/dignity and self-respect.

  1. And lastly, when you realise that above all: “Bitch, I’m fabulous.”

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