We need to watch Keira Maguire get her face stung by chillies on 'I'm a Celebrity'


By Jessica Chandra
Keira Maguire I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

We were pretty surprised to find out Keira Maguire from The Bachelor was going on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as an intruder – she knows what happens on that show, right? Surely she knew it was completely different to living in the Bachelor mansion.

Well, apparently not. The reality TV star, who entered the South African jungle this week, had a pretty epic meltdown on the show last night after she was forced to do the ‘Grim Gallery Tucker Trial’.

The challenge involves the ‘celebrities’ sticking their heads into perspex boxes filled with things – you know, rats, cockroaches, whatever other gross things the producers can find in the jungle.

Keira actually stuck her head into a box full of rats first, and obviously that was traumatising and disgusting in its own way because RATS, but the items that really pushed her over the edge, into meltdown mode, were chillies.

It wasn’t long before Keira claimed she was dying, wailing, “This is not OK! I can’t believe you did that to me. You don’t even know how much it’s burning.”

“It’s been tested by a number of people, so we definitely have an understanding of the intensity,” Julia Morris, one of the hosts, said.

“But they’re not on national TV, like, dying,” is how Keira responded.

Doctors and production staff were called to the scene (hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia looked on, pretty unimpressed) as Keira hysterically went on… and on… and on.

“I’m not even over exaggerating this situation,” Keira said. “I have a very strong pain threshold. That was so bad, worse than any treatment I’ve ever had on my face and that is fucking painful. It’s burning my face so bad.”

And then: “No one even cared! NO ONE EVEN CARED!”

Watch it all unfold here:

In the end, Keira and Dane Swan, who also had to do the challenge, managed to collect 10 out of 12 stars for their camp buddies, which means more food (rice and beans) for everyone! Yay!

But the experience might scar Keira for the rest of her time on the show. If she’s lucky, viewers will vote her out so her ~suffering~ ends quickly. If she’s not, they might keep her on for more moments like this.