Kevin (September) 07

Save Saturday 7th of September, ladies, it’s voting time!

So I’ve lost a bet with myself – I wagered that Prime Minister Rudd would set a much later election date so he’d have more time to prance about in the spotlight, but I was wrong – the appeal of “Sept 07” rhyming with his first name was stronger.

Looks like PM Kev Dawgz has taken some time out from his national High-Fiving The Youth tour to call an election. He visited the Governor General for approval and the date’s been set – Saturday, 7th September 2013 is Sausage Sizzle & Democracy Day.

But before we talk voting, let’s talk enrolling. Chances are you know someone who is not enrolled to vote – you might not even be yourself. “But isn’t it compulsory to vote, Katiekins?” I hear you say. Yes, yes it is. But you actually physically have to enrol to vote – a lot of people miss that fact, and so they turn up on Voting Day to find out they’re not eligible to vote. Embarrassing and illegal! As many as HALF the 18-year-olds in this country are not enrolled, and I suspect it’s because they think they’re automatically allowed to exercise their right to democracy.

As of today, you only have 7 days left to enrol for this year’s election. I repeat. You only have SEVEN days left to enrol. Kevin-Oh-SEVEN days.

Quicksticks, head over the Australian Electoral Commission for instructions. And check out what GetUp is doing in the lead-up to the election too. Email, SMS, Facebook, Insta, Tweet, send courier pigeon – do whatever you can to get your buddies enrolled in time to vote. I can’t stress how important it is. Some seats in the 2010 election were decided by less than 20 votes… Your. Vote. Counts.

And while we don’t have a woman in the top job anymore (miss you, Jules), some of the finest political commentators in the country are women. K-Rudd must have known our shiny new issue of Cosmo is out today – complete with our triple-awesome election special. Inside those glossy pages, we’ve assembled the ultimate politics Dream Team, including Annabel Crabb, Sophie McNeill, Jamila Rizvi, Laura Tingle, Angela Priestley, and Rachael Ward. We got their best advice – on everything from same-sex marriage and asylum seekers to economic survival and women’s bodies - and found out what their very first voting booth experience was like. It’s pretty neat, you should check it out.

And check in back here for more updates – we’ve got 33 days till the election. The countdown has begun and we’re here to guide you through it. If you have any particular politics-related questions you’d like answered, let us know! Tweet them to me @kateileaver or @CosmopolitanAU. You can reach us on our Facebook page, our Insta account, or at