Kyle Sandilands says what we're all thinking about douchebag Dean from MAFS

Kyle Sandilands rants and tells Married at First Sight contestant Dean Wells, "You're a piece of shit!"

Kyle Sandilands has said he'll have nothing to do with Married at First Sight after an interview with contestant Dean Wells was delayed by more than an hour on Tuesday (Jan. 30) morning.

KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show were forced to call the Channel 9 switch board when neither Dean or his publicist were contactable for the over scheduled the phone chat. When Dean finally got on the phone a furious Kyle demanded to know why he was holding everyone up.

"Dean where have you been?" Kyle asked.

"I'm a busy man," Dean said.

The casual response sent Kyle into a meltdown.

"No you're not, you're a piece of shit - you're not that busy!" the radio host said.

"We do have a life as well," the MAFS contestant hit back, and that triggered a fed up Kyle to hang up on him.

After abruptly ending the interview, the controversial host then went on an expletive-riddled tirade.

"You know what, shove it in your ass, shove your show in your ass," Kyle ranted. "Fuck head fuck forget your show, nothing to do with your show ever again, finished. Dumb ass losers."

Playing peacekeeper, Jackie O complained she was disappointed her co-host had hung up on their guest.

"I really love that show, I really wanted to talk about it," she said.

"You're not allowed to watch it," Kyle jokingly replied.

Dean first garnered social media backlash when he declared, "I'm the man and I'm in charge" in a trailer for Married At First Sight.

And his douchie antics on the show didn't help him either with many in the media calling him out since it aired.

In an interview on TODAY, host Karl Stefanovic blasted Dean's comments about not being able to stop starring at 'wife' Tracy Jewel's breasts.

"You had others things to say ... which I guess is old school language at best and sexist at worst, and offensive," Karl said.

The breakfast television host also asked Dean if he regretted his behaviour.

"I wouldn't say I regret any of that, no I don't think Tracey was offended by any of that, so that's the main person I'm worried about," he replied.

Dean also tried to say that he's been painted in an unfair light.

"The whole alpha male thing has been blown out of proportion," Dean told TODAY. "I just want to take responsibility for my wife and my partner, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that."