The latest ‘Pretty Little Liars’ theory will blow your friggen mind

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!

By Matt Galea
The latest ‘Pretty Little Liars’ theory will blow your friggen mind

The Pretty Little Liars finale just keeps getting closer and closer and while the cast and crew have only been dropping ~subtle~ spoilers, a PLL fan may have just dropped a MAJOR spoiler by cracking the Uber A code.

Season 7B is set to premiere in April, kicking off the countdown to the final 10 eps but if this clever fan's theory is correct, you may be robbed of the mystery of the series finale so we must warn you, a huge spoiler might be ahead!

A sneaky Twitter account, aptly named @PLLINSIDER has dropped a load of spoilers about what will happen to our fave characters in the finale, along with a theory of who he/she believes is the identity of Uber A.

The ~mysterious~ Twitter user believes that Uber A is Lauren DiLaurentis, the secret twin of Alison, who was left “burned and blind” by Charlotte after she tried to drown her in a bathtub. Because of this, Lauren was sent to an “institution for blind orphans," and later disguised herself as Alison.

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Why should we believe the theories of a random Twitter user? Well, we shouldn’t, but the scary thing is that their theories totally match up with what goes down in the PLL book series as Alison has a secret twin named Courtney.

Ali was jel AF of her sis, so she convinced her ‘rents that Courtney is dangerous so they send her away to Radley for the rest of her childhood. Years later, Courtney escapes and gets revenge on Alison by pretending to be her.

Feast your eyes on the tweets below and see what you can make of them…